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Did you know that only 3% of them make it to the second page of all the people who search something on Google or other search engines? This is why it is extremely important for businesses to find ways to always appear on the first page of the SERPs. Appearing on the first page not only assert the brand identity among the prospects but also keeps your business relevant to the desired customer base. When you have good website content and impressive social media profiles, the job is only half done. To appear on the first page and among the top three results requires more than just good content.

SEO Agency in Singapore

We use sustainable methods so that our SEO strategies, when implemented with a brand’s marketing can generate long-time leads and success. We provide SEO solutions to businesses that want to expand their online identity, strengthen their brand name in the digital landscape while connecting and engaging with their targeted customer demographics. Depending on your business goals and what you expect to receive from our SEO services might vary. However, at the end of the day, our SEO packages are in place to allow your business to have visible improvement in potential leads, sales, profits, and search engine ranks.

Our SEO services in Singapore are not only directed towards small businesses that are looking to create a mark in a saturated industry but also look out for medium and enterprise-leveled businesses who wish to continue ranking at the top. We leverage the latest tools in the market to help you with your SEO services, and we use our SEO and technical expertise to ensure that you are dominating your industry with full-proof online marketing tactics. Whether you are in need of local SEO services, national SEO, or B2B SEO, we provide end-to-end services, so that you do not have to approach others for your different requirements.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO or on-site SEO is probably one of the most critical components of how you implement SEO to your business and how it affects your business overall. As a prominent SEO agency in Singapore, we go the extra mile to ensure that all your website tactics are in place and optimize individual pages in your website accordingly. Here are some of the services we provide within our on-page SEO that will garner relevant traffic, while you control all the aspects of your page.

Off-Page SEO

Since search engines use complex algorithm to rank websites, as a business owner you cannot just implement one-type of SEO and call it aday. Like on-page SEO, off-page SEO plays a role in the ranking of your website. With our off-page SEO techniques we create a relationship between the brand and the customer base, resulting in attracting more visitors and buyers.

Local SEO

While some businesses might operate globally, many businesses are often localized. The SEO tactics that you might apply on your website for the global customer will differ heavily from the SEO you apply for your local customers. We also take care of local SEO strategies for businesses whose service is focused on a local customer demographics. Local SEO can be of great help for businesses that depend on a customer base in proximity.

Technical SEO

Another one of the crucial aspects in how your website is performing depends on the technical SEO of your website. Our technical SEO experts will scale your website up and down to determine what needs to be optimized in order for search engine crawlers to find and to improve user experience. Technical SEO works in tandem with on-page and off-page SEO so that there is no problem with the crawlability and UX of your website.

Advanced SEO

If you feel that the basic SEO strategies are not working for you anymore, or you would like to take the next step with your SEO, our team of advanced SEO experts are here to help you with it. We dig a little deeper in each SEO aspect within our advanced SEO services to find the tactics that work for you and polish the ones that haven’tworked for you. Our team has a deep understanding of how Google’s algorithm work.

E-commerce SEO

If you have an eCommerce store, the SEO that will apply to your business differs from the one that will, say, apply to businesses with a physical store. eCommerce SEO requires a deep understanding of not only the market but also the behaviour of your target audience. With our eCommerce SEO, you will not only be able to get clicks on your products but also drive traffic and increase sales of it.

You will be required to implement a series of strategies and tactics to ensure that you are reaching your desired customer demographics. As the leading SEO company in Singapore, we are focused on helping businesses rank higher in the search engine result pages and train their existing customer base while attracting new customers at the same time. To ensure that businesses are always on top of their games, we create and organize impeccable SEO campaigns that help with their business promotion.

We have worked with businesses across multiple industries and of varied sizes, helping them increase brand awareness, revenue and authority to achieve long-term goals. All our SEO strategies are flexible and comprehensive so that the brands working with us can take full advantage of our service and dominate their market. Whether you are a small brand just starting your venture or you have been around for a while, we have something for businesses of all sizes from different verticals.


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As one of the top companies providing SEO services in Singapore, we are dedicated in helping businesses by creating custom SEO. Our tailored SEO services will help your audience find you online, just as you would be able to find your targeted audience. Our strategies direct your targeted audience to your website, thus, increasing your sales potential. Since all our SEO strategies are put together by expert professionals, you can be sure of getting the best SEO services in Singapore for your business.

Here are some of our extensive SEO services that we, at I Like It Digital Agency, have been providing to our clients from all around the world:

Keyword Research / Strategy

When it comes to ranking higher on search engine result pages, keywords play a huge role at how web crawlers like your website or not. So having relevant primary keywords is not enough. Along with your primary keywords, having LSI keywords, or long-tail keywords gives you the advantage over your competitors. We use some of the top tools in the market to research and include quality keywords that matters to your business. With the correct keywords our content writing team will be able to construct blogs, articles and website content.

Optimize your Metadata

When people on internet search for something the first thing they see along with the website address is two or threelines describing the content in that link, which is known as metadata. On optimizing your metadata with proper terms, people and Google will know about the content of your page. We will optimize your metadata including the most relevant keywords, and content giving your website a better chance at ranking higher.

Create Internal linking

Internal linking allows people visiting your website to read more information within your website. We create URLs to the content of different pages within your website, and place it in relevant spaces within your blogs and articles. Internal linking helps your website rank higher, as well as makes it more user-friendly, thus retaining more of your website visitors.

Content Creation

If your website does not have content that your visitors can feel connected to, there is no use of having a business website. To fulfill all your off-page SEO needs, our content creation team will write blogs, articles, guest posts, social media posts, website content etc. All of the content we create will contain relevant information about your business, about your industry and relevant keywords.

Pitching Articles

The best way to attract organic traffic to your website is to pitch your articles and blogs to high DA websites. We reach high DA websites and pitch your articles to them with a backlink to your website to ensure that more genuine and unique visitors visit your website consistently.

Competitor Research

We will also do in-depth competitors research so that we can use better techniques in your SEO strategies to help your page rank higher. We use automated tools and as well as do manual research to keep track of their SEO techniques, the keywords they are using and find out where they are sourcing their links from.

Website Speed

Did you know that an average user only has the attention span of 3-6 seconds when they are browsing the internet? So, to capture the attention of a person on your website, you not only have to have attractive visuals, good content but also have high speed. Within our technical SEO services, we will fix your website speed and make sure that it loads faster not only on desktop devices but on tabs and mobile devices too. No matter from where the audience is accessing your website, we ensure that everyone can enjoy it at a uniform speed.

Mobile Friendliness

With almost 4.2 billion people surfing the internet from their mobile devices, having a mobile compatible website is of utmost importance. We will optimize your website to be accessible by mobiles and make your customer’s experience an enjoyable one whether they are searching for products or services. Depending on which device they are accessing your website from, we will also ensure that they will be able to easily navigate through all the pages of your website.

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Why is SEO Important for a Business?

Many new businesses often struggle to figure out how SEO could be helpful for them and when is the right time to implement full-fledged SEO in their digital marketing campaign. There is no right or wrong time to implement SEO in your digital marketing campaign. However, SEO specialists and digital marketing experts believe that the earlier you implement these strategies to your online marketing campaigns, the sooner you will start seeing results. Even if you are only getting ready to launch your business, you can start SEO and marketing your business before that, as it creates a healthy excitement among your targeted audience group.

In the digital era, when every business is trying its best to stand out, SEO is that critical element that provides businesses and organizations with all the crucial visibility they need to attract customers. Since SEO majorly helps websites to rank on the search engine results page, it helps businesses be fair online, eliminating any business’ ability to manipulate the results. When you correctly implement SEO, you can attract organic leads who you can turn into long-term customers for your business. From researching and placing high-value keywords, to optimizing your website and social media content, as an SEO company in Singapore we cover all the important requirements.

SEO Services FAQs



Q. Is It Necessary For Me To Hire A SEO Company In Singapore?

Ans. If you want to see your businesssucceed in an extremely saturated market, hiring an SEO company could be the best decision you could make. Since you might be aware of all the nitty gritty details of SEO yourself, an SEO company would be able to help you achieve your business goals in limited time. If you are looking for long-term success regarding your digital marketing campaigns, an SEO agency will be able to make it easier for you to stay connected with your audience.


Q. At What Point In My Business Should I Hire An SEO Company?

Ans. There is no right or wrong time to hire an SEO company.The earlieryou implementSEO in your business, the faster you will start seeing the result. SEO strategies often take 4-6 months to show results. So, if you start implementing SEO strategies even before officially launching your business, by the time you launch it, you would already become favorites of web crawlers and Google and other search engines.


Q. Is Your SEO Effective For All Search Engines?

Ans. Yes, we create our SEO strategies to be effective for all major search engines so that you never stay behind. We optimize your website and social media profiles so that you dominate the search engine result pages, no matter which search engine your prospects are using. If you already have SEO in your websites, we will run an audit to determine its condition and fix all the main points that are holding you back from dominating the SERPs.


Q. How Do I Know Which Type Of SEO Will Work Best For My Business?

Ans. Once you get in contact with us, you do not have to worry about which type of SEO will be ideal for you. All you need to do is tell us about your business goals and what you aim to achieve from our SEO services. We will create a perfect SEO strategy for you.


Q. How Will I Know Which Package To Choose From?

Ans. If you are struggling to choose a package for your SEO needs, don’t worry. You can always get on a consultation call with us and we will discuss about which package will suit your needs. We can even create a custom SEO package for your requirements, so that you can receive top-notch services from us.


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